February 2023 Updates

Marketing  March 2, 2023
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Sunstang? Will you be my Valentine?

Humans of Sunstang

What is your favourite memory from university?

Taylor Lamb: VP Mechanical

Too many too count. One of the first that comes to mind is the purple hot tub in O-week. I have blonde hair – and I was planning not to dunk my head. At the last second a friend of mine shoved me under and I came out with a head of purple hair. I thought it wouldn’t last but it ended up being neon purple for a month and then slowly turned blue. A lot of people thought I was just SUPER excited to be at Western and at the end I just accepted my fate of being a walking purple mascot.

Viraaj Lulla: VP Electrical

My favourite memory from university is when I received my internship. I was eager to experience being in the industry and finally being able to apply what I learnt in the classroom after a year of online learning. Being in the workplace eventually taught me how valuable the application of concepts and skills we learned was, while also providing me with a variety of experiences I have been able to leverage ever since

Abdul Kasseem: External Affairs Lead

Living in residence was my favourite experience at university because it simplified my life and gave me more time to pursue my passions. By not having to worry about cooking, I was able to get involved with things like PennyDrops, Canada’s largest student-run non-profit organization, which allowed me to provide financial literacy education to underserved communities. Living in residence also gave me the opportunity to meet new people who shared my interests and expand my network while balancing a heavy workload.



The team spent reading week working on the aerobody strengthening. Foams were added to reinforce stiffness and then a layer of carbon was applied. Other materials including peel plies, perf films, and breather were added to ensure the best quality of air flow and fiber to resin ratio. Finally, a vacuum bag sponsored by Airtech International Inc was applied around the aerobody with sealant tape to ensure proper vacuum seal. The Aerobody and Structures team will spend March reinforcing the lower half aerobody and mounting it to the frame.


The team is designing the two main PCBs and the DC-DC Converter and the ECU have been nearly completed. The battery box schematic is finished and the main low power schematic will be finished in the coming week. Low Power also put in a order for all the parts needed. Once they arrive the team can start building the system.


The Team generated CAD Model additions to show the location of brake components, such as the supports for the master cylinder, locations of brake discs on the electric motors, and location of caliper supports. Dynamics also generated preliminary steering and rear wheel layouts to outline component placement.