January 2023 Updates

Marketing  February 8, 2023
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New Year’s Resolution: Get This Car on the Road!

Humans of Sunstang

What is something that your younger self would not believe about your life today?

Brittany Csontos: Project Manger

Growing up I used to talk about wanting to work on computers as a job, not really knowing what I even meant by that, but now I’m only a few months out from graduating with a degree in electrical engineering. My younger self however would not believe what I have been able to achieve within my time in university. When I was younger one of the topics I had the most interest in was how electronics work. Now, I have been able to explore this interest in ways that my younger self would never have thought were possible. By joining the low power team on Sunstang three years ago, I was able to explore my interest in electronics but growing into the project manager of the club has led me to learn more about myself and what I am capable of in a way that would be very surprising to my younger self.

Erika Frost: VP Operations

I think my younger self would be surprised by a lot of things in my life today – where I go to school, what I am studying, and my prospective career path (to name a few). When I was growing up I had the same idea as to what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go to school for so many years. I was so certain that these things were exactly what I wanted. It wasn’t until my gap year after I graduated that all these things changed, and had I not taken a gap year I would most likely be in a completely different place in my life (both literally and figuratively) than where I am now. I am really grateful that I had the chance to change my mind and to take the risk of straying away from what I had always wanted (or at least what I thought I wanted). Regardless of the the fact that my life is completely different than what I my younger self could have ever imagined, I know my younger self would be very proud of where I am today and for pursuing something that I am extremely passionate about.

Kristine Lee: Marketing and Media Lead

I think my younger self would be surprised that I decided to pursue a dual degree with Business. I had always been a math and science person, and from a young age I knew I wanted to be an engineer… even though I did not entirely know what that entailed at the time. But the decision to also study business was not really on my radar, and was something I was honestly unsure about up to the day I accepted my offer from Ivey. However, I am happy with my decision and I feel like it has really opened up my mind to think in ways I have not considered before. My younger self would definitely be proud!



The Structures team members joined in with the Aerobody team practicing composite layups during the past month. Last week the Sunstang leads gave a transformation to the workshop; cutting up the 2020 frame to break the loop. The new 2023 frame finally came into the workshop on the last day of the month! Now they are just waiting for the suspensions, uprights, and wheels to go on.


The Aerobody team has been practicing and experimenting hand layups and resin infusion process during the past month. Lots of trial and error process went into the work but the team learned a lot overall. Next month the team will focus on moving towards aerobody strengthening with foam core and carbon fiber, manufacturing the battery box with fiberglass, and modelling all door components in Solidworks. The remaining semester will mostly lean towards spending time in the workshop with hands on work.


The team made the first CAN BUS communication between two STM32 boards this month while also making major progress on the rear view camera/telemetry system. Finally the team found a solution for allowing Raspberry Pi to tap into CAN BUS which was no easy task!


The team finalized the battery box design shown above in the CAD model and also finished testing the car’s solar cells. The solar panels are now prepped for encapsulation and other components such as wires, fuses, MPPTs and a battery charger have been sized and sourced.