November 2022 Updates

Marketing  December 2, 2022
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It’s All Coming Together


White Ribbon Day is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women held on December 6th. The Ecole Polytechnique mass-acre, a gender-based attack on women in STEM, occurred on this day in 1989. Every year, Western takes this day to remember the tragedy and the 14 women murdered.

Sunstang is supporting Women in Engineering at Western in their White Ribbon Initiative to raise awareness and pursue the end of gender-based violence.


Structures Team

The Structures Team has been extremely busy over the past couple of month modifying the 2020 Car’s Chassis. However, after being reviewed by professionals, the design had been rejected requiring a reevaluation of the Chassis. Within a month and a half the team successfully designed a completely new Chassis and is now preparing to submit the final design. The team is very excited to showcase their final product in January.

Software Team

The team has designed and tested all driver controls for the vehicle and has now shifted attention towards researching components and resources needed to begin programming the CAN bus system.

High-Power Team

High-Power has successfully finished the design of the battery box and found MPPTs for the solar array and battery configuration. This allows the team to shift towards testing of battery impedance and solar modules. The team also built an apparatus for testing solar modules.

Aerodynamics Team

A windshield material has been selected allowing the team to move forward with the building and implementation plan for January. Until then, the team’s Respirator Training is in progress.

Dynamics Team

A number of designs have been placed into CAD including the brake components and steering layouts. Additionally, the team has selected parts for tires and pedal layouts.