September 2022 Updates

Marketing  October 5, 2022
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New Beginnings


During the month of September Sunstang focused its efforts on recruiting general members. There was an amazing turnout with over 100 students signing up for the team! All Leads hit the ground running beginning workshops after the first general meeting held on September 18th. Over the next few weeks, general members will receive the necessary training to begin hands-on work with the solar car.


Structures Team: the 2020 Chassis design has undergone modifications and is near complete. The roll cage passed all Finite Element Analysis load cases last week and the following week will focus on weight optimization. The team has also secured the following sponsorships:


Acquired a new Finite Element Analysis software sponsorship for more accurate results


Acquired a new Pre-meshing software sponsorship with much higher generation capabilities

High-Power Team: This month the team is focusing on safety workshops for working with the battery pack, along with an introduction into spot-welding and solar panel theory. Lastly, the team is brainstorming a battery testing strategy using constant current loads.

Software Team: The team has began reviewing all the electrical components of the car with the general members. Currently, workshops are focusing on introducing Github, an online software development program the team will be using to track and collaborate on for projects. Additionally, the team has learned about the Controller Area Network (CAN bus) communication system for the car.

Dynamics Team: The tire size and type has been selected and manufacturers for the wheels are being researched. Also, an x-cross pattern layout for breaks has been chosen and the necessary calculations for pads and caliper sizing are being carried out. New general members are being brought up to speed on all of these systems!

Aerodynamics: Much of the aerobody has been manufactured from last year, now members are focusing on a door design and reviewing competition regulation requirements.